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Brand Introduction


Well-known oil majors such as Mobil, Shell, BP, etc. have their own crude production.

Crude is the main raw material of oil major, but to make products such as car engine oil, hydraulic system lubricants, air compressor oil, etc., oil Majors also need additives to produce finished products.

Oil majors use self-produced crude oil to extract base oils, with different additives, and deploy them into different finished products according to specific procedures for use in your car, air conditioner or fridge.

Therefore, additives are the essence of lubricating products. Additives enable products to be used in extreme temperature differences +1000-100, extreme pressures: 500,000 pounds per square inch pressure, and extreme environments.

UNION FINE has been supported by many well-known additive companies since 2000, providing product formulations and additives.

Release new products in different fields such as automobile maintenance, metal working, equipment lubrication and special cleaning applications.