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What is your experience with hydraulic rail oil additives?
Time:2021-01-18  Click volume:

According to industry data, the annual output of China's CNC machine tools is around 400,000 units, and the number of imported machine tools is tens of millions. Guide rail oil is used for mechanical equipment with guide rail devices, especially in CNC machine tools, to play a variety of functions such as lubricating, anti-corrosion and hydraulic pressure. According to a rough estimate, the rail oil and hydraulic rail oil consumed annually in China is about 70,000 tons.

The country put forward the "Made in China 2025", advanced manufacturing technology is inseparable from high-precision machine tools and matching high-quality lubricants. Processing precision is not only related to the design of the machine tool, but also has a great relationship with the lubricating oil and hydraulic rail oil used.

We expect to promote the upgrading of domestic rail oil and hydraulic rail oil by providing high-standard and excellent rail oil additives.

The main performance of rail oil and hydraulic rail oil is reflected in the following three aspects:

1. Lubricate

◎ Effectively prevent "climbing" problems and meet the needs of precision machining

◎ Effectively reduce equipment wear

2. Life

◎ Anti-corrosion performance: effectively protect the high-precision operation of the machine tool and extend the life of the equipment

◎ Reduce wear and extend equipment life

◎ Life of oil

◎ Working fluid life

3. Multi-function

◎ Hydraulic oil performance: to ensure long-term stable operation of the hydraulic system

◎ Anti-wear and lubrication performance: to ensure the long-term precision of the equipment to extend the life of the equipment

◎ Anti-oxidation performance: prolong the service life of oil

◎ Demulsification and anti-foaming performance: guarantee the use performance

◎ Seal compatibility: reduce leakage and oil consumption